The Picket Fence Philosophy

As parents and teachers, we are interested in good beginnings for young children. The Picket Fence Philosophy is the right start in early years is an invaluable aid to the continuous unfolding of a child’s potential. Our curriculum is activity based and we believe children learn through play. We would like to offer your child a stimulating, secure and warm home away from home. Children are special and we believe in praising them for their accomplishments. Each child will be able to progress at his/her own pace, so that he/she can experiment, discover and learn. We will also try to develop their independence and confidence. We provide a learning environment with many experiences that children will investigate, represent and share.

Picket Fence Staff Philosophy

Like The Picket Fence Philosophy, The Picket Fence Staff Philosophy consists of our loving and supportive staff. They respect each child’s individual capabilities and nurtures their self-esteem and creativity. Through encouraging self-expression, play and initiating choices of materials and equipment, we promote each child’s emotional, social, cognitive, language and physical development.

Our staff also sees family as partners in each child’s development and encourages ongoing communication and input.

Picket Fence Daycare Learning Center. Founded October 1993. It is located online at  Physically at 36 Conti Parkway. Elmwood Park, Illinois, Cook County.