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“Writing this Accolades & Review was very easy! Deciding which day care to place our son in was one of the most important decisions we have had to make. We searched and interviewed many schools looking for a safe, nurturing environment, and a curriculum that included an education component as well as play time. Most importantly, we wanted to ensure our son was surrounded by a committed and caring staff. We found all these qualities and more in Picket Fence Daycare Learning Center.
Picket Fence Daycare Learning Center was THE best decision we could have made for our son. He is excited to go to school, loves his teachers and is learning new things every day. We especially love that the school accepts special needs children. This has helped foster our goal of raising a son who is compassionate towards others who may be different from him.”

Maria S.

“I have been a part of the Picket Fence Daycare Learning Center family since 2010. My daughter Valentina was two and half years old when she started attending Picket Fence. Since day one she has loved being at Picket Fence, she never wants to leave the teachers. Valentina has grown so much as a person and as a student attending P.F. They were the first ones to teach her English, and now that is the language that she dominates. They have taught her the foundation she needed for kindergarten and 1st grade, she graduated pre-kindergarten at Picket Fence. I can’t recommend enough Picket Fence to people I meet, that are looking to a place for their child/children. They have amazing staff, a wonderful director, and great hospitality from the moment you walk through the doors and needless to say their hours work well with the schedule of most people, they as well treat their students as if they were there own. Valentina still attends Picket Fence today, I drop her off and they take their time to walk her to and from school. When she is with the Picket Fence staff, I know she is in good hands and safe. They as well provide her with breakfast in the morning before taking her to school, on half days or on days that her school is closed Picket Fence provides her with snacks and lunch for her to have while she is there. To me Picket fence is affordable for the services that they provide for our children, and for the time they take to teach them and prepare them for their future schooling, Picket Fence is a magnificent place for a first start to your children’s future. “

“Our 5 year old son and 4 year old daughter have been at Picket Fence (Elmwood Park location) for 2 years and we couldn’t be more satisfied parents. Prior to Picket Fence our kids had their first daycare experience at a nearby daycare where our daughter would cry every single day at drop-off and after 2 long months of agony we found Picket Fence and away with the tears. All of the teachers are very dedicated to the students and they provide a fun new learning lesson every week. Our son was in Pre-K for 1 year and at the end of the year they organized a beautiful graduation ceremony with cap and gown. If you live in EP they will take your child to and from half-day kindergarten at ECC which is very convenient for us working parents. During the summer the kids get to go swimming at the EP swimming pool across the street. Throughout the year they organize field trips, picture day, Santa visit etc. there is always something fun going on and parents are always invited to participate. Picket Fence’s loving and caring staff have helped our children blossom academically & we are so thankful to have them in genuine caring hands. Thank you Picket Fence!”
Garcia Family

“Ms. Toni is an on-site and hands-on owner who is committed to the well-being of every child and the daily activities of the school. The teachers are accessible in-person, by phone or email and respond to all our requests in a timely manner. Parents who want to be more involved can participate in parent committee meetings which allow you to be part of the planning and decision making process for policies, and other school events.
We are so thankful for the school’s outstanding group of teachers and the positive impact they have had on our son. Our experience at Picket Fence has provided him with the opportunity to be successful in school now, and in the years to come.”

“My husband and I researched and toured several centers before choosing Picket Fence as the place for our son (our first child) to be cared for while we worked. I couldn’t be happier with that choice. Ms. Toni has passed on her love for these kids and her great values to her staff. When our second child came along (13 years later), I was extremely grateful that she was able to attend and begin care/learning in the same manner as her brother. She looks forward to going to Picket Fence every morning, comes home and is excited to tell us about what she has learned. We have peace of mind while at work, knowing that she is in a fair, fun, safe, caring environment. I have recommended and still will recommend Picket Fence to anyone who is looking for a safe place for their children while they work. In all aspects, Picket Fence is a great beginning for kids.”

“Picket Fence has been an outstanding facility staffed with highly caring professionals. We feel this place has helped greatly with our son’s development. Our family is a very health conscious family and the school seems to provide very nutritional meals compared to other facilities in the area. We can only hope that the school will have room for our younger daughter soon so she can have the same benefits that our son has.”

“Not only has Picket Fence learning center taught both of my children beyond expectations they also provide a safe, warm, loving home every day. They are more than just a business they are family. We are partners in my children’s development academically as well as socially. We could not be happier with all the services and respect that is provided. We love the staff and feel very comfortable and confident leaving our children with them. We have been with them for six years and counting! Picket Fence is by far the best learning center/daycare around.”

“My daughter has been attending Picket Fence River Grove for the last year after transferring from another local daycare center when she was just under 4 years old. From the moment I first went to see the school I was impressed. I was welcomed in and allowed to see the children in their setting while speaking to the teacher that would be caring for my child. Just seeing the way she interacted with the children while answering all of my questions (and I ask a LOT) and seeing how the children responded to her made me feel very comfortable that this was where I wanted to bring my daughter. Within the first week my daughter was writing her own name really well and was very happy at the school.
You can tell that the teacher’s genuinely care for the children and they don’t mind answering any questions I have or addressing any concerns. The teachers seem to put a lot of thought into their lesson plans and address great topics like fire safety and dental health. The projects that the children work on typically correspond with a theme and are very creative – I really love all of the artwork that my daughter brings home.
I love that they plan fun things for the kids, like field trips and spirit week. And they do fun things for the families as well, such as a parent’s appreciation breakfast and a potluck dinner, allowing the families to get to know one another. I love the opportunities to get involved with the children and their families.
But the biggest factor that tells me that my daughter is happy at Picket Fence is that when I pick her up at the end of the day she runs to give me a hug and then asks if she can stay “just a few more minutes” to keep on playing with her friends. She always hugs her friends and her teachers before leaving for the day. I am extremely happy that we found Picket Fence!”

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